Understanding Network Connectivity: arping command on Linux

In this tutorial, How to use arping command on Linux. It is like ping command in Linux. but for local network only. arping command operates at a lower networking level. What is arping? arping is a command-line utility on Linux that allows users to send ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) requests to a specific IP address on the network.  ARP is responsible for mapping IP addresses to physical MAC (Media Access Control) addresses, which are essential for data transmission over local networks. The Basic Syntax The basic syntax of the arping command is as follows: arping [options] target_ip arping : The name of the command itself. [options] : Optional flags that modify the behavior of the command. target_ip : The IP address of the host you want to target with ARP requests. How to use arping command on Linux arping command was already installed on Linux, but you need to install it as below: On Ubuntu sudo apt install arping On Manjaro sudo pacman -Sy arping The simple way to use arping com