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How to check Disk is SSD or HDD on Linux

Introduction In this tutorial, How to check Disk is SSD or HDD on Linux . Solid-state drives (SSDs) are fast, silent, and less prone to failure than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). HDD store information on a rotating disk known as a platter SSD use flash memory to store and persist data. lsblk Command: Purpose: Lists all available block devices along with detailed information. Output Details: Displays device names, mount points, size, and type. Use Case: Helps system administrators quickly overview the system's disk layout. Options: Offers options to include or exclude specific details or device types. cat Command: Purpose: Displays the content of files or concatenates files. Primary Use: Commonly used to view contents of small files. Concatenation: Can merge several files into one, e.g., cat file1 file2 > combinedfile. Flexibility: Useful for displaying file contents quickly or for file manipulation. Using lsblk command to check HDD or SSD lsblk -o name,rota | tail If you