Mastering System Monitoring with htop on Linux: Installation and Usage Guide

In this tutorial, we'll explore the installation and utilization of the 'htop' command in Linux . Htop is a powerful and user-friendly command-line tool that provides an interactive process viewer, allowing users to monitor system resources and manage processes with ease. Let's delve into the steps for installing and leveraging this handy utility.   Install htop command Linux in Linux If your use Debian/Ubuntu, The following command line below: sudo apt install htop or, If your use Fedora/RHEL/CentOS sudo dnf install htop One your done with the installation, In the terminal the basic you use htop command CPU usage bar     Memory bar Green : Memory being utilized by system processes. Blue : Memory used by buffer pages. Orange : Memory allocated for cache pages. Sort processes based on Resource Consumption  Press F6 as the picture below: Search for a specific process Press F3 and you a search prompt as show below: Filter ongoing processes Press F4 and you a search prompt