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curl command cheat sheet

In this tutorial, I have compiled a comprehensive curl command cheat sheet. Curl is a powerful command-line tool for making HTTP requests and working with various protocols. The cheat sheet is designed to serve as a quick reference guide, providing concise and organized information on the essential curl commands. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, this resource aims to simplify the usage of curl commands, helping you navigate and leverage its capabilities efficiently. Feel free to explore the cheat sheet and enhance your proficiency in utilizing curl for various web-related tasks. curl command cheat sheet Option -o <file>       # --output: write to file -u user:pass  # --user: Authentication -v                  # --verbose -s                  # --silent -I                  # --head: headers only -i                  # --include: Include the HTTP-header in the output Request -X POST          # --request -L                     # follow link if page redirects -F