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speed test command line linux

 In this tutorial, How to  run a Speedtest from your command line. The requirement Nodejs version > 8+. 


Install speed test command line

[[email protected] ~]$ wget
[[email protected] ~]$ tar xvf node-v14.15.4.tar.gz
[[email protected] ~]$ cd node-v14.15.4/
[[email protected] node-v14.15.4]$ sudo ./configure
[[email protected] node-v14.15.4]$ sudo make
[[email protected] node-v14.15.4]$ sudo make install

Use NPM install speed test

[[email protected] ~]$ sudo npm install --global speed-test

 The result, Install speed-test

[vagran[email protected] node-v14.15.4]$ sudo npm install --global speed-test
/usr/local/bin/speed-test -> /usr/local/lib/node_modules/speed-test/cli.js
+ [email protected]
updated 2 packages in 10.4s
[[email protected] node-v14.15.4]$

Usage speed-test

[[email protected] node-v14.15.4]$ speed-test --help

  Test your internet connection speed and ping using from the CLI

    $ speed-test

    --json -j     Output the result as JSON
    --bytes -b    Output the result in megabytes per second (MBps)
    --verbose -v  Output more detailed information

Then run command speedtest

[[email protected] node-v14.15.4]$ speed-test

       Ping   58 ms
   Download   46 Mbps
     Upload   42 Mbps

[[email protected] node-v14.15.4]$


I hope will this your helpful. Thank you for reading the page!

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