Linux bin bash shell

The most popular shell in Linux? It is Linux Bash shell. The path and executable of the Bash shell is /bin/bash. /bin/bash is a binary.

Script File Interpreter

Opensource and Linux script file are very important. In bash script use #!/bin/bash specifies which will be interpreted with the bash shell or interpreter /bin/bash


Alternative Shells

Bash shell is very popular shell but there are a lot of alternative shells.

  • SH is very basic shell which provides fundamental features of the Bash.
  • KSH is Korn shell which is similar to the BASH
  • CSH is mainly designed from C programming language.

Difference Between #!/bin/sh and #!/bin/bash

  • Bash shell is stored in the /bin/bash path.
  • /bin/sh provides the SH shell which is cirppeled down version of the BASH.

Detailed information

man bash
man /bin/bash


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