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Zimbra ERROR zclient IO ERROR

When you get this error, you can not execute any Zimbra zmprov commands? in this tutorial, How do i fix error as below

[] INFO: I/O exception ( caught when processing request: Connection refused
[] INFO: Retrying request
ERROR: zclient.IO_ERROR (invoke Connection refused, server: localhost) (cause: Connection refused)

The causes this error?

Zimbra zmprov is not configure to get results from ldap. you need set "zimbra_zmprov_default_to_ldap" to TRUE

To checking setting using by zmlocalconfig command
$ zmlocalconfig | grep zmprov

If set to false then reconfigure it to true flag as below
$ zmlocalconfig -e zimbra_zmprov_default_to_ldap=true

Recheck the settings:

$ zmlocalconfig |grep zmprov

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