zimbra create multiple accounts

#In this tutorial, we will cover how to create multiple accounts in Zimbra using a file containing a list of commands for creating email accounts. To automate the account creation process, we will use a script. 
For this purpose, we will create a commands.zmp file that contains the necessary commands for creating the accounts."

zimbra create multiple accounts

How to do it....?

Step 1: To create commands.zmp file with the content as top
The content commands.zmp file you changed the appropriate attributes of your account
  1. Account: [email protected]
  2. Password: 123456789
  3. SN: huupv1
  4. displayName: 'Huu1, Phan Van (IT)'
  5. zimbraMailHost: mail.huuphan.local
you can ref to zmprov command create accounts
Step 2: To use zimbra account
su - zimbra
Step 3: To use zmprov command to create multiple accounts
zmprov -f commands.zmp
The conclusion
zimbra create multiple accounts atop very simple. However, I recommend use script to create multiple accounts for file .csv. I will writing the script for create multiple accounts from file .csv


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