zmprov command create account attributes in zimbra

How to zmprov command create account attributes in zimbra. zmprov command creating accounts, aliases, domain, cos, distribute lists and calendar resources.
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zmprov command create account attributes in zimbra

Print all attribute names

zmprov desc

The syntax for modify attributes in zimbra
Use + to add an attribute
Use - to remove an attribute

How to create account with attributes use zmprov command

zmprov ca [email protected] 123456789 sn 'huupv' cn 'Huu, Phan Van' displayName 'Huu, Phan Van (IT)' zimbraMailHost mail.huuphan.local

Account information
    Account email: [email protected]
    Password: 123456789
    lastName: huupv
    fullName: Huu, Phan Van
    displayName: Huu, Phan Van (IT)
    Mailbox: mail.huuphan.local

How to change password for account email zimbra
zmprov sp [email protected] 987654321   

How to print an attribute (Ex:displayName) account email
zmprov ga [email protected] displayName  
The output as bellow
# name [email protected]
displayName: Huu, Phan Van (IT)

How to update an attribute exist (Ex:displayName) account email
zmprov ma [email protected] displayName 'Huu, Phan Van'

How to modify attribute account email (Ex: add attribute zimbraMailForwardingAddress)

To add attribute zimbraMailForwardingAddress
zmprov ma [email protected] +zimbraMailForwardingAddress [email protected]
To remove attribute zimbraMailForwardingAddress
zmprov ma [email protected] -zimbraMailForwardingAddress [email protected]


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