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zimbra duplicate emails issue

How to remove zimbra duplicate emails in inbox. some trouble message with double message-id. The resolution enable zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheSize attribute. The default, zimbra disable zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheSize attribute. I'm running commands with account zimbra (su - zimbra)
zimbra duplicate emails issue

To find current value
zmprov gcf zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheSize
The looks like as below
zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheSize: 3000 
The modified value and zimbra mailbox service restart
zmprov mcf zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheSize 0
zmmailboxdctl restart
The conclusion
The solve problem, "zimbra duplicate message id", "zimbra duplicate emails". The commands use my post, support zimbra mail server version 8.6 8.5 8.0

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