How to setting password policies in Zimbra


Setting strong password policies in Zimbra is essential for enhancing the security of your email system. By enforcing robust password requirements, you can protect user accounts from unauthorized access and potential security breaches. In this article, we will guide you through the process of configuring password policies in Zimbra, helping you to implement best practices for password security and safeguard your organization's email communications.

How to setting password policies in zimbra? To help your system increase security, password strongest.

Setting password policies in Zimbra

To get all COS use zmprov command
su - zimbra
zmprov gac -v | grep Password | sort | uniq
To display all attributes as below
zimbraFeatureChangePasswordEnabled: TRUE
zimbraMobilePolicyAllowSimpleDevicePassword: FALSE
zimbraMobilePolicyAlphanumericDevicePasswordRequired: FALSE
zimbraMobilePolicyDevicePasswordEnabled: TRUE
zimbraMobilePolicyDevicePasswordExpiration: 0
zimbraMobilePolicyDevicePasswordHistory: 8
zimbraMobilePolicyMaxDevicePasswordFailedAttempts: 4
zimbraMobilePolicyMinDevicePasswordComplexCharacters: 0
zimbraMobilePolicyMinDevicePasswordLength: 4
zimbraMobilePolicyPasswordRecoveryEnabled: TRUE
zimbraPasswordEnforceHistory: 0
zimbraPasswordLocked: FALSE
zimbraPasswordLockoutDuration: 1h
zimbraPasswordLockoutEnabled: FALSE
zimbraPasswordLockoutFailureLifetime: 1h
zimbraPasswordLockoutMaxFailures: 10
zimbraPasswordMaxAge: 0
zimbraPasswordMaxLength: 64
zimbraPasswordMinAge: 0
zimbraPasswordMinAlphaChars: 0
zimbraPasswordMinDigitsOrPuncs: 0
zimbraPasswordMinLength: 6
zimbraPasswordMinLowerCaseChars: 0
zimbraPasswordMinNumericChars: 0
zimbraPasswordMinPunctuationChars: 0
zimbraPasswordMinUpperCaseChars: 0
To change zimbraPasswordMinLength by 18 as below
zmprov mc mail.huuphan.local zimbraPasswordMinLength 18
For more information zmprov cos zimbra
zmprov help cos


Implementing and maintaining strong password policies in Zimbra is a critical step in securing your email system. By following the guidelines provided in this article, you can ensure that user accounts are protected with robust password requirements, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and enhancing overall security. We hope this guide has been helpful and encourage you to visit our website for more tips and best practices in managing your Zimbra email system.thank you for reading the page!


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