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Change Group Ownership in Linux with the chgrp Command

Changing the group ownership of files and directories in Linux is an essential task for managing file access among different users. This guide will introduce you to the chgrp command, explain how to use it, and provide practical examples. Understanding the chgrp Command In Linux, files and directories are assigned an owner and a group. The file's owner manages its contents, while the group ownership determines the file's access permissions for group members. The chgrp command is a tool for modifying the group associated with a file or directory. How to Use the chgrp Command for Changing Group Ownership To modify the group ownership of a file or directory with the chgrp command, here’s what you need to do: Open your Linux system's terminal or shell. Use the chgrp command with the following syntax: chgrp [OPTIONS] GROUP FILE Replace GROUP with the target group name and FILE with the file or directory whose group ownership you wish to change. Key Options for the chgrp Command