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Siege command to benchmark a Website

 In this post, How to benchmark a website with the Siege command line. Use Siege command to benchmark a Website. siege command support both the HTTP/1.0 and 1.1 protocols, GET an POST ... Requirements Running instance of Ubuntu Server. A user with sudo privileges. A Website to test. Install Siege Login Ubuntu server, Open a terminal to install Siege. sudo apt-get install siege -y   After install, You need enable logging. sudo nano /etc/siege/siegerc Before #logfile = $(HOME)/var/log/siege.log After change logfile = $(HOME)/var/log/siege.log Save and close the file. How to perform a test. Example, we run a 5-minute and concurrent user load is 100. siege https://SERVER -c 100 -t 5m Where SERVER is the IP address or domain website for test. The output terminal as below: If you want to save log. You need run command below: siege https://SERVER -c 100 -t 5m -l How to test multiple site You need test numerous sites  at once. You need create a file with list a website. nano ~/huuphan-sites.t